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Tallymade is a fun and unique way to listen AND be heard.

We create interactive installations that transform your public engagement into powerful visuals that move seamlessly from in-person to online, enabling you to share local insights with audiences anywhere.

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With Tallymade, you can choose your own adventure.

We create engagements that meet your audience where they are: in-person, virtual or a combination of both. Let’s chat more and figure out which is the best fit for you!

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A self managed digital experience
Available on any time
Available on any device
Shareable link via QR code, e-mail, banner, plane, etc
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In-Person Events

An IRL engagement experience
We can train your team to facilitate
Kiosk provided or use your own
Spark delight with a unique kind of experience
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Why use Tallymade?


Tallymade is

smart fun!

We make public engagement actually engaging. Your attendees and visitors will be motivated to get involved.


Tallymade is


Tallymade is engaging and interactive with little to no digital on boarding, which means more completed engagements and fewer drop-outs.


Tallymade is


Think “big data” without “Big Brother.”  Our installations aren’t about collecting personal information to sell for profit. Tallymade is about tapping collective feedback to help build stronger communities.


Tallymade is


Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do and that includes how we work with you! We will work alongside you to build an experience that will create joyful engagement with your audience while generating insights that achieve results.

Commute data infographic
What’s this about data?

Tallymade projects are designed to collect useful data from participants while still being a fun way to give feedback.

We can share the data either privately with clients if it’s sensitive or on our website like a photo booth after an event. Let the people see the results, and say goodbye to boring forms!

Try out some Tallymade surveys now!

spooky house text reads "Let's talk about halloween"
Text reads design your own park with field background
text reads your ideal cozy fall wonderland with stars on white background
bubble texts read best friends

"We didn’t know how we would get information from our attendees this year with our in-person and online conference, and our survey made gathering data fun. Now we know how we did! Spoiler: we did awesome. Looking forward to more Tallymade surveys in years to come."

"This occupied my kids and I for a good 5 minutes, which was a welcome stop along our way as we strolled around the festival this year."

"As a non-profit it’s so important for us to understand our audience. Tallymade makes it easy and fun for our visitors to engage with our organization in a playful, colorful way while also sharing their honest words with us about our programs."

Build your own experience

All Tallymade projects start with an opening and closing screen with your custom brand and reporting for 1 month, as well as virtual access via URL and QR code. Everything else is up to you!

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Who made


I’m Sarah, a designer, illustrator, and creative technologist in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m the person you call who can inject a little weirdness into something traditionally pretty dry. People hire me to solve tough, design-driven problems, which can be anything from branding new initiatives within existing nonprofits, or figuring out how to translate complex regional planning terminology to the average layman.


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